Buy Social for a Better World – SEUK

9 Oct 2019

This week, SEUK are running their Buy Social for a Better World campaign to celebrate social enterprises and the great impact they create.

At SSE, we’re proud to support projects and organisations that lead a more sustainable, impact-driven way of business. We back people who want to improve their local community and economy. 84% of our students recruit employees from the local labour market, and 73% ‘buy local’ – i.e. buy products or services from suppliers within the local economy.*

When you Buy Social, you’re supporting these social entrepreneurs as they strengthen and improve the society we live in. They challenge us to think more consciously about the goods and services we buy.

That’s why we’re part of SEUK’s Buy Social campaign. We want to show the world that when you Buy Social, it creates a positive impact.

What will you Buy Social this week?

Follow us on Twitter as we shout-out some social enterprises where you can Buy Social. And meet our students and their projects here.


*  Source: Social Impact Review: Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland Social Entrepreneurs Programme, by CAN Invest and Numbers for Good (2016)