BorrowBus opens Shop in Slough

19 Oct 2015

SSE Student Tony Mitchell is launching the Borrow Shop on 28th October in Slough. The launch will be hosted at The Hub, Byron House, Common side, Slough, SL8 6TN from noon to 7pm.

What is the Borrow Shop?

A Borrow Shop is a place where you can borrow an item for FREE over an agreed time. It is used and then returned for someone else to borrow it at a later time. Examples of some item that can be borrowed are: a bike, a sewing machine, a tent, a football, a roof rack, a skateboard, a bread maker, a make up set, a board game, a garden Jenga set, etc.

The Borrow Shop can be used by anyone from  the Longwood Park community.

The aim of the Borrow Shop is that children and families can use an item that they may not be able to afford or access, to recycle and reuse items and to encourage and demonstrate the idea of sharing and helping as the norm.

How do I join?

Just come along with proof of your address and a form of ID and you will be signed up as a member – it’s all free. If you can’t join the launch event but would like to borrow something drop by on any Wednesday (open from 11.30am -1.30pm and 2pm- 6.30pm).

For more information on BorrowBus and the new Borrow Shop check out the website.