Fellows Future Fund

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The Fellows Future Fund is now open for applications. Expressions of interest need to be completed by 5pm 31st October 2022

The Fellows Future Fund has been running since 2019 and offers grants for further learning, innovation, and experimentation within our Fellows community. In autumn 2022 The Fellows Future Fund will be awarding up to 4 SSE fellows, £10,000 and mentoring to help them make their enterprises more financially resilient and less grant reliant.

We want to help organsations to grow the traded income of their business, growing the impact that can be delivered and helping to achieve scale without further grant funding.

This round, we are focused on projects or initiatives that work in environmental sustainability.

The grant funding will be awarded to an environmental sustainability related project or initiative which enhances the activities and /or impact of a social enterprise operating on a commercially supported basis. The project or initiative may relate to the development of products or services which help other organisations (whether directly or indirectly) to improve their sustainability or those that improve the sustainability of the social enterprise itself. We are interested in funding organisations working in 5 key areas:

  • Reducing the use of resources (eg water, energy)
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Reuse and recycling of resources
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Supporting cultural and behavioural change


The Fellows Future Fund is open to Fellows of SSE programmes:

  • That lasted more than six months
  • That ended at least 12 months ago

Even if you have attended multiple programmes, the most recent programme must have
ended at least 12 months ago. You cannot currently be on a long-duration programme,
nor can you be accepted to one starting later this year.

  • Your organisation must be a social purpose organisation that has a restriction on
    profit, so that most profits are returned for social purposes, and is asset locked.
  • It must be based in the UK but could be active anywhere in the world.
  • Your organisation must be established, with at least £25,000 income in the last


To reduce the time spent completing application forms, we are asking all SSE Fellows interested in applying for this round of the fund to complete a short expression of interest. Those most closely matching the application criteria will then be asked to complete a full application to the Fellows Future Fund.


To complete the expression of interest, click the button below. Expressions of interest must be submitted by 5pm on Monday 31st October. If you have any questions about your eligibility, or the application process, please contact SSE’s David McGlashan: [email protected]

Complete expression of interest


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