Fellows Future Fund

Made possible by the Social Partners network

Applications are now open!

Are you a fellow of an SSE programme that lasted at least six months? Did the programme end at least 12 months ago?

Our fellows future fund could help you with £5000 so that you can grow, understand and communicate your social impact.

Download guidance notes

How can this grant support me?

We want to support you to learn what works.

For example you can apply for funds:

  • to deliver your work in new ways, with different audiences, or in different areas
  • to expand your work to build a better evidence base for your approach
  • to conduct research into the needs of your beneficiaries or community, what is helping them and what is a block for them, and how your organisation can change that.
  • undertake action research, trialling and evaluating new approaches to delivering the change you want to make in the world
  • to research or pilot models of measurement and evaluation that may work for your organisation
  • to evaluate your work, or part of your work
  • to communicate the impact of your work

How do I apply?

Read the guidance notes first to check you’re eligible. Ready?

Apply now

You’ll be taken to our online application. When you press ‘save’ you will be given a link so that you can return to your online application later.

If you applied last year and would like to apply again you don’t need to start a new application but can update your previous one. Please email amber.sorrell@sse.org.uk if you’d like to be sent a link to your previous application.

Applications close 1pm 11th October

Next steps

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to pitch their plans to a selection panel made up of SSE staff and social partner on 5th November.

How can I find out more?

To find out more about exclusive offers for SSE fellows click here

If you need advice on your application, or if the application form or guidance notes are formatted in a way that is not accessible to you please contact Kylie on kylie.dickenson@sse.org.uk or 020 7089 9120.