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Intro to support for the SSE fellows community


The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) helps 1,000 people a year develop the skills, strengths and networks they need to tackle society’s biggest problems. Over the last 20 years we’ve equipped thousands of people to start, scale and strengthen organisations that make a positive difference.

But we’re not stopping there.

SSE is committed to supporting the growing network of social entrepreneurs we’ve worked with over the years to grow their impact – individually and collectively. We are rolling out activities and initiatives developed with, by and for SSE fellows with the aim of:

  •        developing personal and enterprise skills 
  •        supporting enterprise growth 
  •        improving impact and its measurement 
  •        strengthening connections 
  •        celebrating and promoting 
  •        movement building

Together, we’re changing lives and transforming communities.

Social Partners

As part of this ambitious programme to support SSE fellows, SSE has launched the Social Partners initiative.  Our Social Partners are a community of like-minded people with extensive business experience who donate both time and money to support SSE fellows. They make the above activities possible, working with SSE fellows on an individual basis as mentors and providing financial support.

Meet a social partner

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SSE fellows future fund

About the fund

SSE Social Partners will be offering grants of £5,000 to support you to consider how to deepen your social impact, and to share these learnings. If you are successful in winning a grant, you will have 12 months to complete delivery of this initiative. After this, we will invite you to present your findings to a supportive audience of Social Partners and other stakeholders who support social enterprises.

Can I apply?

Are you a graduate of an SSE programme that lasted at least six months? Did the programme end at least 12 months ago?

Applications open for the next round on 13th February 2020.

Find out more and apply

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SSE fellows events

Events overview

Throughout the year SSE is hosting a range of events so that old friends can keep in touch, new connections can be made and the community of the SSE fellows can be continually warmed and strengthened.

Events might include special guest speakers, panel discussions, workshops and plenty of opportunities to socialise, network and catch up with others in the community.

We intend to host events around the SSE network but also encourage SSE fellows to host their own events. We can help support and promote any event that you may wish to put on for the community by sharing across the network.

If you have any questions about events or are hosting your own, get in touch with Charlie, charlie.wright@sse.org.uk

Find out more about events

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Virtual Action Learning Sets

Most SSE fellows would have experienced the power of Action Learning on their programme and how important the opportunity to sit and work through challenges with your peers can be. SSE fellows can continue with action learning without travel impacting on their heavy workload through our Virtual Action Learning support. We’re pleased to be able to offer virtual action learning sets for all SSE fellows priced at £100 per year.

Limited discount available!

For the first 28 SSE fellows to express an interest this will be discounted to £50! Sets will meet virtually four times over the course of a year and be facilitated by an SSE facilitator.

If you’d like to join a set please contact kylie.dickenson@sse.org.uk

See more learning for SSE fellows

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Coaching and mentoring

Through partnerships with organisations such as PWC, Social Partners and Linklaters, SSE is able to offer opportunities to take advantage of the skills and experience of personnel from these organisations.

To keep up to date with these opportunities, sign up to our newsletter, just make sure you tick ‘Yes’ under ‘Are You An SSE Fellow’.

Find out more about coaching and mentoring

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SSE programmes and workshops

Other SSE programmes

You don’t need convincing of the value of SSE’s courses but have you explored all the 10+ other programmes available? SSE has learning available across many focuses, from local community business to global environmental issues.

Long programmes include:

See all programmes available

Short courses and workshops

SE offers a wide range of specialist training that takes place over one or a few days. A few examples of which are:

See all workshops available

SSE offers a discount to SSE fellows on the following short courses:

See more learning for SSE fellows

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Promote and sell your work

Promote your work through SSE

We LOVE to shout about our amazing SSE fellows and their projects. SSE fellows are encouraged to take advantage of our channels of communication.

Do not hesitate to get your voice heard! Share you knowledge and bring attention to the important issues by contributing to our blog content or even writing your own.

Promote news, events and job opportunities on SSE’s national newsletter
Contact Dave, sales and marketing manager on david.mcglashan@sse.org.uk

Share something on SSE’s national social media
Contact Henna, communications coordinator on henna.patel@sse.org.uk

Tell SSE about media coverage I have secured
Contact Sophie, head of communications on sophie.hobson@sse.org.uk

Write a guest blog for SSE
Contact Charlie, marketing and engagement officer on charlie.wright@sse.org.uk

Promote an offer to other SSE fellows
If you have a discount, event or anything you would like to offer to others in the SSE fellows community contact Charlie, charlie.wright@sse.org.uk

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Sell at events

SSE has close ties with a number of large corporate organisations who host events such as Christmas markets that are prime opportunities to sell your your products and services.

The best place to hear about these opportunities is on our Newsletter, which you can sign up to here, just  tick ‘Yes’ under ‘Are You An SSE Fellow?’.

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3rd party offers


SSE fellows can enjoy a fast-track application for RSA Fellowship. RSA have platforms for their Fellows to connect with a brilliant network of over 29,000 people working in different areas of social innovation and change, numerous platforms for your ideas and projects through a series of events both online and across the country, thematic networks you can contribute to, and funding support available for Fellow-led projects.

RSA will also waive the initial registration fee, leaving a monthly contribution of just under £15. If you would like to take advantage of Fellowship, just email fellowship.rsa@rsa.org.uk.

Pro bono support

SSE fellows will be able to apply for their organisations to become members of TrustLaw, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global legal pro bono network. If you have any further queries please get in touch with programmes administrator Harriet Uff (harriet.uff@sse.org.uk).

SSE fellows’ applications will be fast-tracked; membership is free and will allow SSE fellows to access free legal advice on matters as varied as structuring, tax and finance, commercial contracts, employment, intellectual property, and governance and policies.

To be eligible for support your organisation needs to:

  • Be incorporated (i.e. a non-profit, charity or social enterprise that is organised as a company) and have a clear social or environmental mission
  • Have been operating for at least one year and be able to prove that it is financially stable for the next 12 months
  • Be able to clearly express their impact to date and plans to measure it in the future.

TrustLaw cannot help with urgent requests so we recommend registering even if you do not currently need support.

To get started, complete the application form here. You can find more details on the process here.

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Create your own offer

If you have a service or product that you would like to offer to the SSE fellows community then SSE will help you promote it.

Contact Charlie with details of your offer, charlie.wright@sse.org.uk

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