Support for social entrepreneurs delivered across the South West of England.

Dartington Hall in the sunshine

The School for Social Entrepreneurs was founded in 1997 by Michael Young, (Lord Dartington) and so it made perfect sense that there was a school to continue the social enterprise initiative here. Since 2009 SSE Dartington has produced tailor-made courses to provide an complete package for the new social entrepreneur.

Support for social entrepreneurs across the South West

The School for Social Entrepreneurs Dartington is located within the stunning setting of Dartington Hall. We run our course sessions from locations all around the South West. We continue to strive to give our students as much variety as possible, whilst also taking advantage of the vast array of business resources that we have in Devon.

Dartington Hall was founded by Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst in the 1920’s as an experiment for rural generation. They believed in trying new innovative approaches to farming, education and the arts – a philosophy that continues to this day. The Dartington School for Social Entrepreneurs is proud to be part of this innovative programme.

SSE Hub Dartington

SSE Dartington is a beautiful partnership between the School for Social Entrepreneurs – which helps 1,000 people a year develop the skills, strengths and networks they need to tackle society’s biggest problems – and Dartington Trust, an ambitious experiment for rural generation based in Devon. They share the belief that we can build a more caring, creative, equal world where people live a fuller life.

At SSE Dartington we have been running programmes to help individuals and businesses to increase their skills, knowledge, strengths and networks for a decade. But we know that – alongside our programmes – changemakers need ongoing places to work, meet, connect and continue learning.

By opening up our workspace as a co-working community, we aim to create an environment that is tailored to help people do good in their work: to work more effectively; to connect to people with aligned values; and to continue accessing learning opportunities. We don’t limit this to ‘social entrepreneurs’ – we welcome anybody who is working to create a better world.

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Somerset Social Entrepreneur Programme

Applications are open for our Somerset Social Entrepreneur programme – funded by Enhance Social Enterprise (ERDF) – for social enterprises that are incorporated or plan to be by the start of the programme. This free Development programme will take place in Taunton between September 2019 and January 2020. Application deadline – 8th September 2019

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Accelerating Women’s Enterprise Programme

Accelerating Womens Enterprise (AWE) is a new collaborative project to help women working in various regions either side of the English Channel to increase their personal skills and develop their skills and knowledge.

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Plymouth Business Booster

A new programme, funded by The Enhance Social Enterprise Programme  (ERDF) – for socially conscious businesses to help them focus on key foundation elements and give your enterprise a boost! This FREE programme will take place in central Plymouth and will consist of three days

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Bristol Business Booster 2019

If you would like a boost your new business over a three day period in November, then this free programme. could be for you. Application deadline in 14th October.

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Local news

Fellows’ stories

Marie Yates, founder of Canine Perspective

Marie Yates, Canine Perspective CIC

The social entrepreneur bringing survivors of sexual violence together with rescue dogs.

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Coffee being made at social enterprise Roll for the Soul

Rob Wall, Roll for the Soul

"The School for Social Entrepreneurs really helped us put together a convincing business plan."

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Darren Lynch-Burton with a beneficiary at his Bristol based organisation Aspiration Creation Elevation

Darren Lynch-Burton, ACE

"The SSE programme has given me the tools, insight & confidence to further believe in myself & the change my organisation is capable of achieving."

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