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Throughout the year SSE is hosting a range of events so that old friends can keep in touch, new connections can be made and the community of the SSE fellows can be continually warmed and strengthened.

Events will include special guest speakers, panel discussions and plenty of opportunities to socialise, network and catch up with others in the community.

We intend to host events around the SSE network but also encourage fellows to host their own events. We can help support and promote any event that you may wish to put on for the community by sharing across the network.

Please note that a small booking fee for each event applies, which is refunded if you attend the event.

If you have any questions about events or are hosting your own, get in touch with Charlie,

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Becoming a voice for change + panel discussion
30th April, SSE London

For many social entrepreneurs their organisation is a vehicle for a greater message. Our community of fellows are a voice for change, whether in their own communities or on a global platform.

For this event we will hear a special guest speak on how they made themselves and their organisation into a widely heard voice calling for change. Attendees will also hear from a panel including SSE fellows who have become voices for change in their own communities.

Questions and lively debate is encouraged! There will also be plenty of time for mingling, making new connections and catching up with familiar faces.

Booking information TBC

Jon Snow: utilising the media for impact
17th June, SSE London

Figureheads in the media hold a position of power when it comes to encouraging impact. For this evening we will hear from legendary broadcaster, Jon Snow, about how to use the media for widespread impact.

We look forward to welcoming our fellows back to SSE to hear from our special guest on how the media can be a force for social change when engaged with properly.

Attendees are also encouraged to relax and enjoy the company of the fellows community in the time set aside for catching up and networking.

Booking information TBC

Fellows festive fun

December, SSE London

Taking a break isn’t usually first on the agenda for our fellows community but we hope that you’ll join us for a casual evening of frivolity and socialising in the lead up to the Christmas period.

The evening will feature team games, including the world-famous, ‘Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You Quiz’, drinks, food and the always invaluable opportunity to spend some time reconnecting with the fellows community.

Booking information TBC

Failures and eff ups
11th February , SSE London

There isn’t an entrepreneur, social or otherwise, who hasn’t made some cringe-worthy mistakes. This light-hearted, judgement-free event is an opportunity for fellows to share and learn from each other whilst re-engaging with the SSE community and building on their own networks.

Attendees will hear from fellows with a wealth of experience when it comes to both failures and successes, as well as having the opportunity to discuss learning from their own experiences. As always with the Fellowship Series there will be opportunities to relax and chat with others from the community.

Booking information TBC
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