Run by: SSE North West, Midlands, Yorkshire & North East

Do you run a community organisation that works to deliver environmental change? Are you looking to increase your impact and help the organisation become more sustainable?
This exciting new environmental programme offers you the opportunity access support and networks to do just that.

We’re looking to support 15 leaders of community organisations working specifically in the Midlands, North West, Yorkshire and the North East.

This programme could be right for you if you’re*:

• An early stage community led, environmentally focussed organisation looking to move from a start up phase where you may be dependent upon grant income.
• Planning to grow by increasing your environmental and social impact.
• Looking to diversify your income streams.
• Looking to develop a supportive network of people running organisations like yours.
• Committed to meeting and sharing with others.
• Prepared to participate in a learning and development programme which will take place in various locations across the Midlands and North of England.

*Please refer to the guidance notes for more detailed eligibility criteria.

What will I learn?

This programme could help you:
• Build a sustainable organisation – developing a robust business model and identifying opportunities to generate sustainable income streams.
• Deliver environmental impact – understanding local communities and their needs, intended outcomes and impact measurement tools.
• Lead for Change – developing culture, managing teams and working with a Trustee Board.
• Access to a diverse network of social entrepreneurs who’ll support your plans and help you through tough times.

How do I apply?

For a copy of the guidance notes and an application form, please email:

Any questions?

For more detailed information about the programme please refer to the guidance notes. If you have any additional questions you can email: (SSE North West) (SSE Midlands) (SSE Yorkshire & North East)