Working harder than should be necessary: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

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A somewhat truncated HIGSENFY this week – I’m going on holiday at the end of next week and I’ve got a mountain of work to get through before I go. In fact, if you could book onto one of the following courses before next Friday you’d be doing me an enormous favour and it would mean me not having to check my emails too often while I’m away:

Thanks in advance – look forward to seeing all 6600 of you in September. Enjoy this week’s news, I’m off to procrastinate about where to start…


  • Nesta have launched ‘Inventor Prize‘, a £50,000 prize for the ‘UK’s best inventions that help make people’s lives better’. Entries need to be ‘innovative and exciting new products that haven’t been on sale before’.
  • An interesting new scheme from SSE Fellow Cath Prisk – if you are going camping or to a festival and don’t have a tent her organisation Outdoor People will hire one to you. If you are headed to either the Exhale Festival or the Offline Festival they’ll even set it up for you and provide all the equipment that you need. All proceeds go to Outdoor Family Camping projects, getting families, kids and communities outdoors.
  • Finally, if you’ve got a project that needs some assistance or if you are looking for an intern we’ve been approached by Renee Jones, over in the UK from Australia. Renee has spent the past two years dedicated to the community sector producing crowd-funding events, working with social enterprises & NGOs.  Renee is currently in the UK on a postgrad study tour in International & Community Development and looking for opportunities to hear from & work with social enterprises in the sustainability or health space – email or contact her via Linkedin.

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