With an introduction that deserves no merit: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

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February. Despite being the month I was born in, I always struggle with spelling it. It’s that tricky first R. Why am I telling you this? I’ll be honest, I’m just filling space. I haven’t got a huge amount to say this week and I’m finishing at 12.30pm today to go and play golf so my mind is elsewhere. Sorry, not the sort of sloppy approach that you signed up for. I really am just rambling now so I think we’d better just jump straight into the news.

Enjoy your weekend


You damn pinkos. 

Towards the end of last week former charities minister (and former MP) Rob Wilson wrote a piece for the Telegraph claiming among other things that (I’m paraphrasing slightly here) charities were too left-wing, too party political and in the case of Oxfam had ‘disappeared up its own, morally righteous, posterior’. No one mention anything about a pot or a kettle please.

The piece itself is behind a paywall but Dave Ainsworth of Civil Society has written a thorough response to the article responding to the main arguments, which you can read by clicking the link below. Now, if you’ll excuse me for a moment I’m off for our daily recital of The Red Flag by the photocopier.

Read the Civil Society article here

A good brews story

A super article about SSE Fellow Eve Wagg’s social enterprise Well Grounded in the Evening Standard. Well Grounded support individuals (particularly those with barriers to employment) into work as baristas.

Read more here

All aboard 

Trustee recruitment charity Getting on Board is launching Trustee Recruitment Pathways, a new 18 month programme of support designed to assist small charities in attracting new trustees. It’s free to take part, you just need to be registered with the charity commission and have an annual income under £2m.

Further details here

No way. But with a Geordie accent

Young Sustainable Impact are running a fully funded five month innovation programme for young people aged 16-25. Starting in March, the program is facilitated online, where individuals are placed into small international teams to carry out learning, and the last two weeks spent in Oslo, Norway, where they will meet their teammates, mentors and investors.

Check it out

Ivar The Engine (of support for voluntary organisations)

IVAR have launched a new area of support on their website designed specifically for the CEOs and trustees of small organisations in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. It covers everything from core funding to strategy and planning.

Take a look here

A day in the life 

Justgiving asked me some questions about my job and because I’m good like that I answered them. If you want to find out what a sales and marketing manager at the School for Social Entrepreneurs does all day you can find a version of the truth below. (Email me for the real answer – let’s just say I am a whizz at Minesweeper…)

Read more

It could be you

If the idea of working at SSE sounds appealing we’re currently recruiting a Programme Administrator in London ‘to ensure effective operational support is provided for our largest national programmes’. The job pays a very precise £25,119 to £26,250 and the deadline to apply is February 19th.

Apply here

Manchester: united

The people of Manchester need a boost after one of their football teams was dismantled by the might of Tottenham Hotspur this week and I’ve got just the thing – free co-working space for up to 60 individuals working for social enterprise start-ups at The Federation. It looks a really strong offer and is open to all, no matter your sporting allegiance.

Find out more 

On the buses

Social enterprise transport company HCT are looking for a Business Analyst on a short term contract. The role entails delivering a business case to underpin HCT’s application to the Life Chances Fund including financial model and feasibility study for each Local Authority area by April 2018. They are looking for someone to start asap.

Apply here

A hot date

Finally, if you’re looking for a perfect destination for Valentine’s Day why not head to the Social Enterprise Festival, taking place at City University, London, on 14th and 15th February. You can spice things up with a session on ‘social enterprises: which business framework works for you?’ or really take it up a notch at a social ideation masterclass. Best of all, it’s free to attend.

Register here

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