With a pencil tucked behind its ear: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

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I’m keeping a low profile today. I’m working from home and we’ve got builders in doing the loft – there is a serious danger that if I step outside the spare bedroom they might ask me a question or talk to me about the building work. I just don’t have the vocabulary to get involved, it usually ends up with me nodding my head knowingly and saying ‘yeah, yeah yeah’ in some weird estuary English accent that I adopt for such occasions.

Even worse is that I sometimes start a conversation, despite knowing that I don’t have the knowledge for it to go anywhere. The other day I found myself saying “are you installing a new circuit breaker?’ to the electrician just for something to say. I only know what a circuit breaker is because I saw the empty box lying next to him. No idea what I was hoping for with that one.

Far better to hide away in here writing this week’s newsletter. Enjoy!


A bit like camping, it’s intense

I’m not in the market for six months of intensive support to grow my social enterprise but if I was do you know where I’d go? SSE. I’m contractually obliged to. But then I’d go to Unltd. Those guys have intensive support coming out of their ears. And do you know who they are particularly good at supporting? Social entrepreneurs delivering solutions that improve outcomes around independence, connectedness and health & wellbeing of people in later life, as well as those who support carers & the care system.

So if that’s you and if you’ve been operating for two to six years check out their Thrive programme which combines the aforementioned support with the opportunity to secure investment of up to £50,000 for your social venture.

Find out more

Trading standards

Have you ever wondered what the do’s and don’ts of trading for social enterprises and charities are? Well wonder no more, as our head of comms Sophie has collected them altogether in one handy blog post.

Do make sure you read it


Plunkett Foundation are looking for entries to their Rural Community Ownership Awards 2018, celebrating the work that community businesses do to help support rural communities across the UK. There are six award categories to enter.

Check them out 

They grow up so fast

Just months ago James Barker of NSPCC was a student on our Third Sector Digital Leaders programme and now here he is sharing seven tips for social media advertising success. I’ll leave you to work out whether that’s a coincidence or not. (Hint – it is. We barely touched on social media advertising on the course.)

Read the seven tips here

Ready, set, grow!

A really great job opportunity with SSE Fellow Bruno Lacey and his organisation Urban Growth, who are looking for a business manager to join the team. Urban Growth is a social enterprise which aims to improve the well-being of Londoners by creating and maintaining communal gardens. This role is perfect for someone looking to step up into a management position; over time you’ll guide the team, develop the brand, improve  services & increase social impact.

Deadline is August 31st.

Apply here

Dear Theresa

This week the government launched its first Civil Society Strategy in 15 years. (Back then we were also in a heatwave, Busted were Sleeping with the Light On and European Midfielder of the Year Gaizka Mendieta signed for Middlesbrough.)

Our CEO Ali has poured over all 123 pages of the strategy and written down his thoughts. Overall he’s encouraged to see many of the challenges and ambitions of the people we support being recognised in the strategy, but there’s still much work to be done

Read our response to the strategy here

Read em and weep

SSE staff have been giving their opinions on everything this week, it seems. This week saw book lovers day, and some of my colleagues have put together their book recommendations for social entrepreneurs. You can enjoy them alongside some wacky pictures of the team.

Read them here

All aboard

SSE Fellow Jonathan Beebee is looking for board members for his organisation PBS4, a social enterprise supporting people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. Based in Southampton they are looking to recruit two board members, ideally one with housing experience and one with legal experience.

You can find out more here

Some questions for you…

Are you a purpose-driven SME looking to make more impact? Would you benefit from an extra pair of hands to help you tackle business challenges across finances, marketing, or operational management? Feel ready & able to take on an expert to support you in your goals?

@_SocialStarters are recruiting purpose-driven SMEs for a 12 month Consulting programme that matches independent business professionals with the grassroots entrepreneurs who are changing the world. They help you scope the assignments whilst providing all matching & support. If you’d like to get involved and tackle those business challenges, apply now to join the Autumn programme wave by 18th August.

Apply here

Coming up at SSE

Oi oi. Anyhow, I sent out a brilliant email earlier this week highlighting 8 essential upcoming courses at SSE. If you missed it / sent it to spam / ignored it but now wish you hadn’t you can see it by clicking the link below.

Rave on

Last but not least

Finally, there are a lot of generic (and not always particularly useful) articles about how to start a social enterprise but Pragya Agarwal has written one which is really rather good. Also handy for sending to people who wonder what the hell a social enterprise is when you mention it to them.

How To Create A Business That Does Good With A Social Enterprise

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What’s on at SSE:

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