NonProfitBlogExchange 2: HaveFunDoGood

Periodically, this blog takes part in the NonProfitBlogExchange in which blogs blog or link to each other….building networks, knowledge and appreciation of what’s going on out there. [See previous round of the exchange…]. This time I’ve been viewing and reading the aptly-named HaveFunDoGood, written by Britt Bravo. Britt has a great deal of knowledge about social change and innovation, and how these worlds interact with new technology…so it’s worth also checking out her writing on other blogs (like Huffington Post and BlogHer). She’s also a contributing editor to one of our favourite blogs, WorldChanging.

The blog covers a great range of posts with (as the name would suggest) enthusiasm and passion: in January, for example, articles have ranged between new tech fare (Bloggies and Virtual Volunteering as a new year resolution) and fair trade/developing world (Rugmark and Colombia as 2nd happiest country). It’s an engaging mix, and there’s plenty in the archives for the wandering social entrepreneur to browse….Indeed, the engaging mix is probably the point: the blog is sharp and interesting reading because it constantly walks that line where new technology (particularly blogs and podcasts) meet the world of social entrepreneurs in the developing world and the US.

If that sounds like your interest, this could be a new blog subscription for you: it has been for me.

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