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Interesting meeting with Tim Munden of Lucca Leadership today. They are an international organisation which runs week-long transformational leadership courses…

"…which enable young people of all nationalities and backgrounds to
discover their purpose, clarify their vision and develop the skills
needed to make change happen for the benefit of their communities,
nations and, ultimately, humanity itself"

Read more about their vision/approach, and their different programmes.

What struck me in our conversation was the common ground between their work and ours at the SSE. Using a project as a vehicle for learning, recruitment on the basis of values/qualities/life experience, diversity of intake, and the importance of reflection and dialogue. All makes me wonder whether programmes for social entrepreneurs (who could equally be called community leaders, or entrepreneurial leaders) would benefit from a greater emphasis on a transformational leadership
process. As the Lucca website puts it,

"It is an approach to leadership that creates sustainable solutions,
and avoids solutions that benefit some at the expense of others."

Which could, in some cases, be a way of defining social entrepreneurship as well.

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One thought on “Lucca Leadership

  1. Hi, I’m the Marketing Director for Lucca Leadership.
    Our upcoming ‘Leadership Foundations’ course in Lucca, is a six day course focused on the essentials of transformational leadership. The course will help you develop your vision for the future as well as give you the training needed to lead this change through a specific community project.
    Many of our previous participants are already leading a range of exciting projects in countries all around the world.
    The course runs from 9-18 June in Lucca, Italy – and applications are now open.
    If you are interested in applying please go to:
    Many thanks,
    Tim Frost
    Marketing Director
    Lucca Leadership