Fashionably late: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

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I’ve had a bit of an odd week. Tuesday and Wednesday I was hit by a 48 hour (!!) migraine so I’m a little behind with everything I should have done this week. I’m now getting demanding emails from our comms team asking me where the newsletter is. Chill out comms team, it’s Friday. As an American diplomat named Richard Holbrooke once said “You can’t let the deadline define the mission. The mission has to define the deadline”. So there.

Enjoy this week’s news and have a great weekend.


On 6th August 1991 the World Wide Web (remember when we called it that?) became publicly available. A mere 25 years, 11 months, and 29 days later the School for Social Entrepreneurs have embraced this newfangled technology and will be delivering a series of fundraising webinars over September and October in partnership with Lime Green Consulting.  Hit me up in our brand new AOL chatroom if you have any questions.

A very useful new guide from our neighbours at Social Enterprise UK: Start your Social Enterprise takes you through some of the main considerations when starting a new organisation.

Someone who is well underway in the starting a social enterprise stakes is Asha Patel, a current student on our Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme in the Midlands. Asha has written a blog for us describing her experience so far. It’s an inspiring story.

We’re into the summer festival season and social entrepreneurs are doing their bit to keep the party going. The Summer of Change Festival started yesterday in Shoreditch and runs for the next two weeks. Tickets are available for individual sessions, or you can purchase an All-Day Pass. Each ticket includes free drinks, food, and entertainment options. You don’t get that at Glastonbury.

In September, friend of SSE Carlos Saba is hosting the Happy Start Up Summer Camp in Sussex over 15th – 17th September. It looks great – according to the Guardian it’s ‘one of the top ten business events in Europe’. The festival is for you if you are stuck in a rut at work, if you need clarity on the next steps for your startup/business or if you want to connect with people who are focused as much on impact as on profits.

SSE Fellow Carole Donnelly is crowdfunding to raise money for the Coventry Priory, a medieval priory saved and reopened by a local social enterprise. The priory receives no local authority funding and so they are looking for people to become Friends of Coventry Priory to ensure the ongoing running of the building. Pledges start at just £3, for which you’ll receive a guided tour. And no, I’m not going to make any lazy jokes about being sent to Coventry – too obvious even for me.

Some funding news – the Postcode Dream Trust is accepting applications to its Dream Fund until August 22nd. There Fund is designed to to encourage charities to collaborate and apply for their dream project – social enterprises can apply but the lead partner has to be a registered charity. Grants of up to £1 million are available.

Also open are The Fore (grants of up to £30k to early stage charities and social enterprises, apply by 29th August) and the Ernest Kleinworth Charitable Trust (grants to charitable in Sussex or to organisations working in wildlife and environmental conservation or reproductive health).

SSE Fellow Bruce Gunn gets a mention in ‘How small logistics companies can beat the big boys‘, an article in the Telegraph earlier this week. Bruce runs DNDP CIC (Delivered Next Day Personally), a social enterprise that offers flexible employment opportunities for disabled and able-bodied people.

Also in the media this week is SSE Fellow Sophie Unwin, founder of Remade In Edinburgh – she pops up in the Guardian’s ‘Is it fair to blame Coca-Cola and big corporations for our waste crisis?‘. (I don’t know, but I’ve just discovered Vanilla Coke Zero so they are in my good books at the moment).

Want your charity to raise more money? Start treating donors as individuals propounds Prashan Paramanathan of Chuffed. Sounds like good advice.

Finally, if you ever use Google Docs (we don’t at SSE – we’re only just online, remember) this is very funny: How to Be Passive Aggressive When Collaborating in Google Docs

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