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Our approach

SSE’s central office is in London and we have a network of schools that span the UK and the globe. Our unique approach to action learning distinguishes SSE from more traditional and formalised modes of education.  We  believe social entrepreneurs learn best by doing, by being exposed to people with first-hand experience of establishing and running social enterprises and through peer support and networks.

SSE’s network of schools operates as a social franchise and work within a best-practice and quality standards system to achieve maximum social benefit.  Currently, there are 9 SSE’s across the UK and 3 internationally in Australia, Canada and Ireland.


The SSE social franchise model

SSE has been operating for 15 years and we know our model works and generates positive outcomes for social entrepreneurs, as well as their organisations and beneficiaries.  In order to spread the SSE model so that communities outside of London could benefit from it, we chose to trademark and license all of our materials.  We work hard to find the right partners to share our model with and we offer a range of on-going support, best-practice guidance, quality standards and impact evaluation systems to every school so that we continue to improve and innovate year on year.


Why join the SSE Network?

As an SSE Network school, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of schools that have been operating for up to 15 years.  Core benefits of joining the network include:

  • Access to SSE’s course materials and structure
  • Best-practice guidance and quality standards system
  • Recognised strong reputation & brand
  • Network of colleagues across the globe to connect with regularly
  • Impact evaluation
  • Governance support
  • global website &  customer relationship management system


What do we look for in our partners?

The same characteristics that we seek in our students are those that we seek in our franchise partners.  Specifically, we look for individuals and organisations who possess an entrepreneurial outlook and who:

  • Believe that individuals are the catalyst for change
  • Are committed to the idea of creating and sustaining positive social change through social entrepreneurship  
  • Are well networked in their community - with links to the communities-in-need, government, business, funders and potential SSE students. 


How can I find out more?

If you are interested in opening a School for Social Entrepreneurs outside the UK, you can find out more and begin to plan your next steps by contacting Leah McPherson, Network Manager: 


t: 020 7089 9120 


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Find the right course for youFind the right course for you

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