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Who comes to the SSE?

Since 1997 we've worked with over 1,200 individuals from age 17 to 74.

The Bike Project

We welcome people from all educational, ethnic and employment backgrounds and believe that diversity is one of the greatest contributing factors in creating a valuable learning experience for our students.

No paper qualifications are needed, you just need to be able to demonstrate that you are enthusiastic, determined and committed to your project.

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You can find out more about the people we've supported by visiting our case study pages. 



SSE is a non-aligned organisation that seeks to avoid all forms of religious or political affiliation. SSE does not accept applications for, or provide assistance to, any project connected with political or religious activities or proselytising.

What our students say about us

"Without the SSE I would never have had the knowledge or skills to take my idea further" Frankie Hodge

“SSE is a life, and potentially world, changing experience; new world leaders apply here” Sinead Macmanus

“SSE have empowered me with the tools, knowledge and self belief to turn my simple idea into an exciting and life changing reality.  My life will never be the same again, thanks to all of my SSE family”  Sarah Humphreys

 “SSE gave me confidence and clarity about my project as well as the opportunity to connect with like minded people.” Adwoa Agyemang 

“SSE helped me make my idea more sustainable and effective.  SSE is not just a place to find others, but is also a place where social entrepreneurs can find themselves” Craig Blake

“SSE have given me the essential push I needed to run my project- with the knowledge, encouragement and support SSE provide, my idea would have been just that, an idea” Madeline Alterman



Find the right course for you

Find the right course for youFind the right course for you

Our courses examine all aspect of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

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Be inspired by our fellows

Be inspired by our fellowsBe inspired by our fellows

More about previous SSE students and the projects they now run.

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Transition to Trading

Transition to Trading Transition to Trading

Earn new income for your charity or social enterprise

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