Case studies

Sergio Paya Borrull

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Sergio's social enterprise is L.I.F.E, which stands for 'learning individually from experience'. He has designed three areas of work to enable people to achieve their true potential. These include adventure, work and vision & sound experience.

The new project he's working on is called The Work Experience; he works with unemployed young people to help to develop their skills.

Katie Jarvis

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Compass Drama Skills Ltd is a community drama school with the ethos that drama should be taught as a life tool, so that everyone can take part and benefit from drama.

Lisa Matthews

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Nature Citizen is about bringing people together for the shared purpose of cherishing the Natural World. 



Matt Townsend

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Matt believes that every business should become a social enterprise and that profits should benefit whole communities not just small numbers of wealthy shareholders.


Michelle Cutting

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Dante's Day Centre is a safe & fun environment, hosting a cafe and support network for local people with children in the community.

Rhys Walters

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Rhys is the project lead for a partnership project seeking to establish a Recovery Community Cafe and Hub in Bury St. Edmunds...  

Ruth Darrah

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Age Space is an online community for the caring generation - aims to change the way we care for older people in the UK, providing a one stop resource of real-time support, advice and expertise about all aspects of care and end of life decisions. 

Sergio Paya Borrull

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

L.I.F.E has designed three areas of work to enable people to achieve their true potential, using areas of experiential learning.
These are:

Adventure Experience

The Work Experience

The Visual & Sound Experience

Stephen Amer

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

The Voice Cloud is an arts organisation that uses music, the singing voice and the arts to investigate the link between music and health and to explore how the arts can make social impact.


Terry Nixon

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

IFS Motivational Defence Programme has been designed through Master Terry Nixons 40 years of Martial arts training and dedication, as well as 12 years of working with the Suffolk Youth Offending Team as Restorative Justice Champion, Victim Officer and remand Foster Carer.


Candace Hockley

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

The Difference provides support to young men and women who have had their children taken into care. It works build self esteem & inspirations.

Enoch Kunarajah

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Bridgeway develops initiatives that help to overcome the barriers people face in finding employment.

Hilary Hale

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

The R&R Project provides support to those who have found themselves being made redundant in the later stages of life.

Jason Gough

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Waterwish provides water-based activities across Norfolk for people who have a physical impairment, poor mental wellbeing, and/or recognised support needed.

Joe Bailey

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

Out Loud Music are an established team of approachable, fun and professional music practitioners. They believe not only in the quality of their programmes, but also the significance of what can be achieved by those undertaking them.

Karolina Mackiewicz

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15

The Flying Producers Group teaches young people practical tools of theatre, music and other cultural events production. 

Sarah Jones

Battersea Jones

Providing high quality wigs and one to one support for people who suffer hair loss. Plus working to educate and inform people who work with hair loss sufferers.

Nina Farr

The Family Vision Project

The Family Vision Project is a coaching programme for mothers who have experienced domestic abuse. 

Leigh-Ann Treadwell


MAKE IT Work is a creative training opportunity for people who have been long-term unemployed to learn new skills and gain practical knowledge about wellbeing.

Darren Lynch Burton

Aspiration Creation Elevation

Aspiration Creation Elevation is a unique organisation first set up to continue the delivery of creative arts activities to youths in east-central Bristol's disadvantaged communities.

Sylvia Douglas


Equiping, educating and empowering woman and girls on issues relating to self-awareness and increasing self-esteem. 

Caro Warwick Evans

The Cornish Seaweed Company

Caro is a Lloyds Bank Social Entreprenurs Programme graduate and Fellow of SSE Cornwall. Her company sustainably harvests seaweed from remote Cornish coastal areas and delivers related educational talks and employment opportunities. Her aim is to target all those interested in local, healthy, natural foods, from consumers to food producers, restaurants and delicatessens.

Amaka Mercy Okonkwo


Hi my name is Amaka, 

I set up, an online newsletter,  to help connect people to opportunities available for them to attain their full potential. My vision is to see people from ethnic minority communities represented in leading positions across all sectors in Ireland. 

Bruce Gunn


A socially driven courier service seeking an equal world of opportunities for all disabled people and to work in a flexible environment and to be seen as an asset to business and industry.

Rianna Raymond-Williams


A huge milestone for me has been securing a place on this course. It reassures me that people see what I’m trying to create and are willing to invest in my ideas.

Phillip Benson


We help young people develop business and employability skills through a health focused smoothie business. 

Lauren Craig

Thinking Flowers?

An ethical floral design consultancy, which highlights unethical elements of the cut-flower industry and offers an alternative.


“SSE is a launching pad for alternative ways of learning, critical friendships and meaningful connections.”

Jeremond During

Money A + E

Jerry was born and grew up in Newham, East London. He started Money A+E in December 2011 because he recognised that there was not enough money advice and support for vulnerable people in financial difficulty. He also saw a major need especially in light of the economic crisis and public sector funding cuts in recent years.

Joel Davis

Tutors United

Making private tutoring accessible to disadvantaged young people and providing employment opportunities to students.


"SSE has taught me that I am more than capable of building and scaling a strong organisation; it's the social entrepreneur who leads the social enterprise!"

Jem Stein

The Bike Project

Refurbishing second hand bikes and distributing these to destitute refugees and asylum seekers, facilitating them access to resources that can help lift them out of poverty.


"A bike can empower refugees to hope that their future can be brighter than their past."

Bex Wiles

Inspire Kibera

Breaking down barriers to education for women in Kibera slum, Nairobi. 

"SSE has taught me that I need to know and believe in myself. I've learnt to take risks, to not be intimidated by scary job titles and to be enthusiastic in my pitches"

Heather Evans

Bespoke Biking

A company dedicated to helping adults and children gain confidence and have fun with cycling. How great to spend my days helping adults and children learn to cycle safely and with confidence - a vital life skill that benefits them and the environment. I also lead rides around the beautiful city of Winchester and offer training in schools and businesses.

Sandy Slater

Bike Trossachs

The aims of Bike Trossachs are to promote mountain biking in particular and biking in general in the Trossachs part of the beautiful Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in Scotland.

Anna Sandland

Gingerbread Café

Developing and managing a number of services and projects, which will benefit the local community of Falkirk and surrounding areas. We want to provide services which are tailored to the local needs and answer a real need.

Robert Pettigrew

Released Potential CIC

Released Potential works with businesses to drive down their marginal costs through brokering opportunities for ex-offenders to deliver commercial projects in custody, thereby improving their post-release prospects in the labour market.

Sonia Wilson


In 2013, Sonia set up her social enterprise Populo to provide HR advice at competitive rates to small charities and social enterprises. The business model for Populo allows her to offer free support to a limited number of organisations each year. The Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme has provided both financial and practical support to make Populo a reality.


Cliff Bembridge


Cliff has spent forty years as a minister in the United Reformed Church. He has had a significant experience of community involvement in Cheshire, West Yorkshire and Hampshire.

Emma Willis

Inspired by...

Emma has also volunteered and worked for many charities and services, delivering training, public speaking and championing the experiences of all cancer patients through patient engagement work within the NHS. Emma is the chairperson of the Dorset Cancer Patient and Carer Experience Group.

Hilary Schwager

The Social & Emotional Wellbeing Support Service (SEWSS)

In 2011 the family support team Hilary was working for in Portsmouth lost its funding.  While working in the city she had become aware that families struggled to access help due to complicated referral procedures; often they had to reach crisis point to meet the criteria for support.  

Kate Hadley


Each project and workshop aims to develop self-esteem, social skills, personal creativity and works towards quality
Performance opportunities.

Leonardo Greco


I wanted to create an online platform that would promote learning to the wider public, inspiring people to do new things while using our profits to help those hardest hit access the opportunities they value.

Paula Glenister

Get PHIT Solutions

The Get PHIT courses are based on 4 sessions - Peace, Hope, Inspiration and Time to provide this opportunity.   PHIT courses are easily adapted for a range of needs and we will be running future courses in conjunction with MIND and Carers’ West Sussex.

Clair Martin

Caterpillar Crafts

Recent SSE Hampshire Fellow doesn't hang around! Having graduated less than one months ago, Clair has now decided to move on from her enterprise Caterpillar Crafts and is setting up a new venture, more details to follow...

Anita Usai

Chaos Cuisine/Support

Young people with a learning disability often have quite limited choices to enable them to lead a fulfilling life.  Yet almost all of them have the same dreams and aspirations as any other young person starting out in the adult world, including the opportunity of paid, sustainable employment.

Amy Finlay

Pathway Care Training

Amy worked for a considerable time in the voluntary and social care sector. Before she became a healthcare trainer, she was working as a domiciliary support worker, there she learned and gained an understanding of how challenging life is as a person with special needs; how their families and relatives cope with it; how support workers make a difference to them as well as knowing how fulfilling, and at times challenging, being a support worker is.

Opal Sparks

Founder, Sparks of Life

As a self-directed learner who comes from a background of being told what to do, where to look, how to learn: the fellowship at SSE Ontario has been a huge learning curve for me. I have gained a lot of confidence in myself as I launch my venture.

Lisa Ruttledge

The Think Academy

Hello folks, I'm Lisa, from Co. Kildare and my passion in life is maths education. In particular, I'm interested in ways of improving student confidence in maths, which I see as the reason behind many students' disengagement with the subject.

Helen Corrigan


Hi, I'm Helen and I'm really passionate about health promotion and making being healthy easy, social, fun and affordable. I've a degree in psychology, a master's degree in health promotion, and have spent a number of years working in both public health research and health promotion practice. 

Eoghan McCarthy

Business Leader and Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Eoghan and I'm focused on building an enterprise that genuinely makes a positive difference in the lives of its customers. 

Colm Byrne

Positive Energy

Hi, I'm Colm and my passion is sustainable energy. I have been in the energy sector for about 10 years running my own business (Glas Energy) and spreading the gospel of reducing carbon emissions by eliminating waste of energy and use of renewable energy technology.

Mark Minihane

The Irish Food Academy

Hi, I'm Mark and I'm passionate about creating opportunities for the under privileged in society and I aim to do this via the Irish Food Academy. 

Allison Roberts

Clonakilty Chocolate

Hi, I'm Allison Roberts, a Canadian born chocolatier. After starting my first chocolate business aged 12, I trained in languages and media and worked a short time in the corporate world, picking up skills that are very useful but found quickly that I thrive on the numerous challenges and freedoms that being an entrepreneur brings. 

Emily Robyn Archer

Spectrum Education

I'm an artist that creates large scale interactive projects & installations with environmental themes.

Barry Kavanagh


Hi, I'm Barry. I work for the Cavan-Monaghan Education Training Board (CMETB) teaching horticulture/ ecology with a strong environmental slant.

Eileen Bennett

Galway Equine Assisted Training Service

I've lived long enough to have identified four equal passions in my life. These are (in no particular order!) horses, people, learning and teaching.

Grace Cooney

Social farming adventurer

Hi, my name is Grace and I'm passionate about socially conscious rural enterprises and giving some back to the community.

Rachel Moore


I'm Rachel, a passionate Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) and budding social entrepreneur. When I qualified as an SLT there were few prospects of employment in Ireland, in spite of the numbers of people on waiting lists for SLT services. 

Alan Cleere

Enterprise City

For almost thirty years I've been working in Youth and Community Projects in and around central Dublin. The work is focused on the support and empowerment of young people and their families in areas which have suffered significant disadvantage over many years, with little prospect of lasting real change in the near future.

Duncan Walker

Walkinstown Green Social Enterprise & Green Kitchen cafe

I'm an experienced project manager with 20 years of experience in the Healthcare, Disability and Social Housing sectors.

Maura McMahon

SHaRE Reading

I’m Maura, a Toronto born lecturer who's lived in the US, China and now Ireland. Reading matters to me because it only takes a bit of extra effort to help all children become good readers, and I know first-hand how powerful and transformative education and literacy skills are for families facing socio-economic challenges.

Elaine Doyle

Boltz Sustainability

Boltz is an environmental education company. It develops products and services to speak to people about sustainability in a light and fun medium. My first product is seed bombs. Seed bombs are a compressed mass of seed and paper or seed and compost.

Anna O'Flynn

Clink: A third level course database and career advice website

I'm currently studying Economics and Mathematics in UCD. My project is Clink, an online third level course database with a personal edge. 

Leo Pattison

The Irish Association for Positive Ageing

The aim of IAPA, the Irish Association for Positive Ageing, is to provide a forum for mutual help and self-activation for older members of the community.

William Priestley

The Prospect Programme

I'm William, and youth unemployment is my focus. From my time working in Mississippi, Dublin and Limerick I soon realised that 'empowerment' is one of the most enigmatic words in the community development lexicon. What it rarely entails, unfortunately, is salaried positions. 

Colin Healy

Breakthrough for Life

Breakthrough for Life is a free app for people in crisis and at risk of suicide. It offers people in the grip of despair a life line. 

Valerie Vetter


Afterhere is a site that provides information to people worldwide to deal with death. It's a unique online resource for people to talk to others about their experiences with death and dying, find specialist products and services and donate to a local charity of their choice. 

Jonathan Moran

Exercise Unity

My social enterprise aims to improve the lives of those disabled by chronic diseases through exercise and guidance from a physiotherapist.

Andrew Douglas

Urban Farm

I'm the creator of URBAN FARM, a social enterprise founded to research and demonstrate alternative DIY food growing methods for localised food security.

Evan Kenny

The Music for Youth Project Limited

I founded The Music for Youth Project Limited (The MY Project) to provide a quality music service that delivers creative and developmental opportunities for youth.

Liz Hickey

Founder, Step Up Ireland

Hi, I'm Liz and I am delighted to say that my project Step up Ireland is forging ahead while attending the SSEI Incubator Program and completing a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship. 

Hannah Burns

SSE-East Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2013/14

Nurture By Nature Forest School provides alternative education provision to vulnerable, unemployed people.  

Karen Davis

SSE-East Cool 10 Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme 2013/14

Weigh'n'save enterprise.

Sara Young

Founder, Kitts Underwear, a Certified B Corporation

For every pair of underwear sold, a pair donated to charity

There are so many wonderful things to say about SSE Ontario.

From its amazing leadership and staff, to the very well curated curriculum, to the insightful guest speakers and inspiring fellow students, everything and everyone is aimed at helping you learn, grow and succeed, not only as an entrepreneur, but as a human being.

Sun Drews

Founder, A Good Death

Offering end-of-life midwives as a vital component of our healthcare system

Leon Mirmanas

Founder, DateAbility

A social hub and dating website for people of all abilities

Ana Lozano

Founder, Worldhub

A space to discover world cultures, celebrate Toronto’s diversity and meet like-minded people

Chris Blackwood

Founder, Helping Neighbourhoods Implement Change

Provides transformational and authentic mentoring that directly relates to the lives of at-risk youth in the GTA

Diana Grimaldos

Founder, Ecoartworx

Supports self-employment for low-income, immigrant and/or refugee women artisans

Jean Stogdon OBE

Grandparents Plus

Grandparents Plus is the national charity which champions the vital role of grandparents and the wider family in children’s lives - especially when they take on the caring role in difficult family circumstances.

Jared Huet

The Internet College of Ireland

Hi, I’m Jared and I’m passionate about teaching people how to use Internet technologies.  I founded the Internet College that focuses on the education of Social Media for parents and Internet safety and of Internet for adults over 50yrs of age with no or low personal costs.

Barry Allard

Managing Director - The Feed

The Feed is a catering social enterprise, which provides training and employment opportunities for Learning Employment Accommodation Project (LEAP) clients. It serves mainly African food. 

Craig Little

Rebuild South West

Craig is a Fellow of SSE Cornwall through the Fellowship Start-Up Programme 2012/13. Rebuild South West is a unique building company which provides essential training and work experience for ex-servicemen and women whilst also addressing the 'empty home' and 'redundant building' issue in the South West. Through Rebuild South West, Craig aims to enhance the lives and prospects of the ex-service community, homeless and displaced families and long-term unemployed tradespersons. The scheme also benefits owners of empty homes, local councils and housing authorities.

Jo Thomas

In Our Nature

Jo is a SSE Cornwall Fellow having graduated in 2013 from the Fellowship Start-Up Programme of 2012/13.

In Our Nature is a horticultural service specialising in designing and developing forest gardens and edible landscapes to provide beautiful and productive environments which are beneficial to wildlife, our nutrition and health and can help individuals, groups and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. It provides a bespoke advisory, design and development service to enable anyone wishing to create a forest garden or edible landscape.

David SmartKnight

Plan-It Earth Environmental Education Project CIC

David is a Fellow of SSE Cornwall having graduated in 2013 from the Fellowship Start-Up Programme. 

From a base in West Cornwall, offering a programme of mentoring and facilitation to help young people, in particular young men, to reach their full potential - to 'reclaim the warrior'.

Dennis Morrell

MADD Lives Foundation

Dennis is a Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme Fellow, who graduated in 2013 from SSE Cornwall. He created MADD Lives Foundation CIC which is a youth music, arts, dance and drama production company based in and serving the China Clay area of mid-Cornwall. His organisation creates projects to inspire young people to learn new skills and enhance their self-confidence, thereby benefiting both themselves and their local communities.

Nourallah Chakroun

Inspiring Women Network

Nour, a graduate of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme and a Fellow of SSE Cornwall, has establihed a multi-cultural women's group, aiming to improve the quality of life for women and girls living in Cornwall by developing their potential and creating opportunities, promoting equality, cultural diversity community cohesion and social inclusion.

Sarah Planken

The Village Harvest

The Village Harvest is a project stirring the pot to create knowledge and awareness of asylum seekers and refugees in Australia. Founder, Sarah Planken is currently developing the venture as part of her participation in the 2013 Incubator Program with SSE Australia.

Pravin Isram

My New Canvas

Addressing the lack of places to go at night that have a good social atmosphere and are alcohol free.  

"Being on the Fellowship Programme has forced me to prioritise and commit to my project.  I am quite sure I would not have made the progress I have made this year had I not have been at the SSE."

Rob Wall

Roll for the Soul

Bristol's Community Bike Cafe and Workshop

Nicky Forsythe

Talk for Health

An innovative, effective and empowering solution making therapy available to all.

Nura Omar Aabe

Autism Independence

Raising awareness, overcoming taboos, socialising, educating and empowering parents and people with Autism

Eve Malster


Educating all ages about the origins of fibre and textiles, from seed to stitch.

Jaki Bent

If Everyone Cares

The Interactive Online Community Map

Dean Teyla

PHNX Project Bristol

Helping young people back into employment with education and fitness provided by ex-servicemen and women.

Craig Brown

Trojan Mailing

Mail fulfilment service with a mission
Social impact forms part of bottom line

Craig Brown, one of three directors of Southampton based, Trojan Mailing, a printing and mail fulfilment house with a workforce solely made up of people suffering from learning disabilities or mental health issues.

Florence Norman

Sweet Cavanagh

A peer-led aftercare service for women recovering from eating disorders and addictions.

Sweet Cavanagh employ women and teach them how to make and design jewellery. There is next to no after care in London, especially for free and Sweet Cavanagh are aiming to fix this problem.


"I strongly believe that much of relapse could be avoided if there was adequate after care in place to support people as they entered that very vulnerable stage of recovery"

Carolyn Barber

The Good Mental Health Foundation

Carolyn co-founded the Good Mental Health Cooperative (CIC) in 2011 to support micro enterprises and community groups promoting good mental health and wellbeing through collaborative projects and trading opportunities. The enterprise operates in South Hampshire, mainly Portsmouth and Gosport.

Hunter Johnson

Change the Game

With only a few hours left until the application deadline for SSE Australia’s 9-month Incubator Program, Hunter made the decision to apply. He was cutting it fine but that’s the kind of guy Hunter is – he’s passionate, determined, quick thinking and a considered risk taker.

Julian Lee

Food Connect Sydney

Julian believes passionately that "You are what you eat". That banana in your hand, and everything that comes in it and on it becomes part of you and makes you who you are. How can you think well and how can our children learn well if we don't eat healthy food.

Kumari Middleton


Mayibuye is a youth-led organisation, co-founded by Kumari Middleton, which uses performing arts to facilitate educational opportunities for young people who are vulnerable to at-risk behaviour.

Jamie Green

One Night Stand

Jamie established One Night Stand as a profit for purpose Australian based sleepwear brand. All profits from One Night Stand are donated to organisations which address issues of homelessness.

Kirsten Larsen

Open Food Network

Melbourne based Kirsten Larsen has been investigating the ins and outs of all things food for around 7 years.

Nishan David


BLOODLESS, founded by Nishan David, is a cult streetwear label that uses fashion to start conversations and raise funds for causes that matter.

Di Stitt

One Colour

One Colour, founded by Di Stitt, is a wholesale business uniting people across the world through the ethical trade of their fashion brand and the Kenana Knitters gift range. 

Shanil Samarakoon


Empower, founded by Shanil Samarakoon, operates in Malawi and Sri Lanka and enables local entrepreneurs to build self-reliant communities.

Jamie Moore

Hello Sunday Morning

Jamie Moore is a social entrepreneur who wants to change the world’s relationship with alcohol. Having lived all across Australia and up and down the California coast, Jamie has seen a range of drinking cultures and is fascinated by the way technology can support people to live healthier lives.

Kerrie Noonan

Groundswell Project

Kerrie Noonan is a psychologist, social researcher, author and presenter. In 2010 after 15 years working in the public health and non-profit sectors, she cofounded The GroundSwell Project with writer, Peta Murray.

Annie Francis

Neighbourhood Midwives

An employee owned social enterprise whose vision is to provide an NHS commissioned midwifery service, offering continuity of care to women and their families.


“We believe that having the same dependable, expert midwife by your side is what makes all the difference”

Peter Nash

Paddling upstream to success

The project is called Whoosh Explore Canoe Club, based in the Hertfordshire area. It develops a CIC for teaching paddling skills to young people.

Monaser Shahzad

The power of good chocolate

Harry Specters Chocolates, based in Cambridge, creates handmade luxury chocolate and provides an opportunity for employment to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Justine Paul

Delivering genuine, local farmer's markets to the very highest standard

Suffolk Market Events offers a genuine local Farmer's Market to events that are already in place. 

Joe Buckley

The Phoenix Cultural Centre

The Phoenix Cultural Centre has been the recognised face of Original Live Music within and around Woking since 2010. Many of the singers, groups, bands and poets they have hosted have gone on to perform successfully at festivals and gigs around the UK.

Fiona Ollerhead

The Pantry Partnership

The Pantry Partnership is all about doing good with food. Their activities get people back to their roots, cooking communally and sharing healthy, nutritious and exciting meals.

Cheryl Edwards

Inclusion Hampshire

Cheryl Edwards, founder of Inclusion Hampshire trained with the School for Social Entrepreneurs Hampshire three years ago as part of their adult programme, and won ITV’s Peoples Millions for setting up and running a catering school for unemployed young people.

Frances Heather

Creative Options

Closures in day centres for people with mental health issues has led Frances Heather, a retired Occupational Therapist, to set up a community café ‘Creative Options ’in Southampton in September 2011.  The difference with this drop-in centre is that the activities provided are tailored around the needs of customers.

Jordon Maynard-Daley

The Arts Excites

Youth clubs across the country are being shut down as councils slash spending. However, in Slough, Berkshire, Jordon Maynard-Daley, a 31 year-old photographer is using his entrepreneurial skills to positively engage young people and give them a nationally recognised Arts qualification. 

Claire Cordell

Little Gate Farm

Support for people with learning disabilities drops off significantly post-19 and Claire Cordell, a mother of an eight-year-old with severe learning disabilities and a nurse by profession, wants to make sure that learning disabled adults are able to engage purposefully with their community. 

Martyn Barnes

SURF: Stylish, Upcycled Reconditioned Furniture

The local tip regularly collects old furniture that often ends up in landfill whilst the long-term sick or unemployed are increasingly looking for work opportunities. Martyn Barnes (40), from Gosport has used his experience and skills in painting and decorating to address both these problems through upcycling discarded furniture and provide employment. His enterprise has sold 70 pieces to date mostly through eBay and also Facebook and Gumtree. 

Clare Webb

The Cornish Cutting Garden

Clare Webb is a fellow of SSE Cornwall's Third Cohort and has had a remarkable journey to date. Clare is a regular witness on our programmes.

Annie Clements

Award winning service for young people with Autism & ADHD

Autism & ADHD, with over 20 years’ experience, both personal and professional, of young people with Autism, ADHD or mental health problems, Annie Clements is well placed to understand the challenges faced by the young people themselves.

Tony Carr

Changing the way public service is delivered

Leading Lives a new organisation, Leading Lives is already one of the biggest social enterprises in the East of England. Employing over 450 people, it provides comprehensive support services to adults with learning disabilities across Suffolk enabling them to live the life they choose in their community.

Olive Quinton

New social enterprise reaches Lofty Heights

Olive Quinton is the founder of Lofty Heights; a loft clearing service for elderly and disabled people that employs disadvantaged youngsters. 

Laura Egan

Enterprise Learning Projects

Laura established Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP) to promote and support microenterprise development in remote Aboriginal communities across Australia.

Jess Moran


Jess established Scarf to provide hands-on hospitality training and mentoring to young people who face barriers to obtaining fair access to training and work opportunities.

Tania Sernia

Do Good Radio & TV

An advocate of people powered media and community radio, DoGoodRadio & TV is Tania’s initiative to share the stories of people transforming the world from the place we have, to the world we want.

Amanda Ryan


Bachhara is an ethical women’s clothing line that empowers the worth of women all over the world.

Sunny Forsyth

Abundant Water

Abundant Water trains villagers to create their own water filters, use them, and make a business selling them in their village.

Cheryl Staddon

Second Chance Toys

Cheryl established Second Chance Toys (SCT) in 2010 to rescue and recycle gently used plastic toys and donate to children in disadvantaged situations.

Tracey Allen

Red Cockatoo

Red Cockatoo Australia is a social enterprise working closely with Aboriginal artists in in Blue Mountains, Papunya and the East Kimberley.

Helena Dodds


Helena Dodds is a fellow of SSE Cornwall's Third Cohort who established a successful project and business, providing people with the opportunity to experience The Nia Technique throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Danu Fox


Danu is a fellow of SSE Cornwall's Second Cohort and has established a successful project providing ceremonies for individuals, couples, families and community groups who would like to honor and celebrate something in their lives.

Stu Williams

A community radio station - Cornwall 2010 SSE Fellow

Stu Williams is a fellow of SSE Cornwall's Second Cohort who established a community radio station. 

Isabella Quigley Moriarty


Isabella is a fellow of SSE Cornwall's First Cohort and has created and established a social enterprise promoting health and well being for women in premenopause and menopause.

Jane Jiwa


Jane is a fellow of SSE Cornwall's First Cohort and has established a locally managed social enterprise that provides professional and ethical financial services and personal finance training in Cornwall to people experiencing financial hardship.

Jacquie Johnston-Lynch, The Brink

We are what we make. Think Brink!

Jacquie first came to SSE Liverpool to participate in the Social Innovators in Health and Well Being programme. It was clear from the first meeting with her that she embodied Social Entrepreneurship; she was passionate, motivated and most importantly had a long
standing, innovative idea for a health related social enterprise that would turn the city’s social and leisure scene on its head; she wanted to set up a bar that didn’t serve alcohol!

Mark Swift, Wellbeing Project CIC

Mark is the founder of the Wellbeing Project Community Interest Company – a social enterprise that is providing a range of community and green space based activities for everyone who would like to improve their mental wellbeing.

Saritha Thomas

People's Power Collective

Access to radio for rural communities in India.


“At SSE, you go from a person who asks, show me how, and become a person who says, I know how.”

Leah McPherson

Cultivate London

An urban farm and social enterprise based across multiple derelict sites in West London.


“Surround yourself with people who support your vision…you can’t do it all yourself.”

Jo Douglas

Changing the way physiotherapy is delivered

The way physiotherapy is delivered in the community is set to change due to a new social enterprise business, Allied Health Professionals- Suffolk. This has been established by Jo Douglas who is now in her third year, and was part of the first cohort of students from the School for Social Entrepreneurs - East. 

Nicola Bradford

Transforming the way training is delivered

A new Community Interest Company, LimeSkills, is transforming the way training for those employed in the health and social care sector is delivered across Suffolk.

Wale Yusuff

S.A.M.E. Academy

Safety awareness classes and online community for young and new drivers.


"Learn from your mistakes, and do more!"

Junior Smart

S.O.S. Gangs Project

Award-winning London-wide project offering intensive support to persistent and prolific young offenders to help them break free from crime.

Karl Mainzer

United Audio Project - Dartington 2011 Fellow

Read about Karl's brilliant project and how he is helping to tackle the growing number of young adults out of work.

Lucy Wood

Buckland Food Growers Ltd

Lucy's social enterprise started from wanting good quality, healthy produce for her family.


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Find the right course for youFind the right course for you

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Be inspired by our fellowsBe inspired by our fellows

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